Lasik Providing More Than Vision Correction

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With the economy in its current state, its made me become more conscious and aware of how I spend money. Quality and value are equally as important as price, so I started thinking of ways I could implement this into my health. Ive calculated that on average, I have spent well over $3,000 purchasing new lenses and frames for eyeglasses and purchasing contact lenses and solutions. I had heard about permanent vision correction with a Los Angeles Lasik procedure advertised on the radio, and decided to look into the pricing, how the procedure worked, and what type of long-term benefits it provided its patients.

My research began by visiting a very sought after and respectable Los Angeles Lasik Eye Surgeon. I began to ask about pricing, and his response left me shocked. He told me that on average, a Lasik procedure costs about $2,000, depending on which technique or how the procedure is performed. He also explained that most patients also received financing for their procedure, making it more affordable and convenient than ever. I asked about how the procedure was performed. The Lasik surgeon explained that with Lasik Eye Surgery Beverly Hills and Los Angeles patients received 20/20 vision by creating a corneal flap, and reshaping the cornea with a laser. This provided permanent vision correction with results being immediate, however, full results after the healing process is completed, which can take up to 3 months.

I decided to get a second opinion from a recommended Beverly Hills Lasik Surgeon on the same information, it just sounded too good to be true! He let me know the same thing, the average pricing, benefits, and the results of a lasik procedure. It turns out, a Lasik procedure can cost about the same as about 7 years-worth of vision correction options like eye glasses and contact lenses. It also turns out that Lasik provides permanent results, while vision may still get worse even though eye glasses and contact lenses are used. Receiving a laser vision correction procedure has long-term benefits unlike those of any other vision correction method available. Over time, patients end up saving time and thousands of dollars.
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Lasik Providing More Than Vision Correction

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This article was published on 2011/04/16