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These may diseases may sound harmless but if you dissect the information regarding these problems you will understand that these diseases can actually cause death if uncontrolled or unmanaged over time. Because of this worldwide phenomenon many medical and diagnostic procedures are now being promoted and recognized by medical practitioners all over the globe. Among the most popular trend in losing body fat is undergoing a cosmetic procedure called liposuction.

Liposuction is actually a very simple procedure which makes use of certain surgical preparations. The surgery involves the removal of excess fats in the body which are situated between the skin and muscle fibers. In this procedure, a stainless steel cannula or tube is inserted on the earlier stated areas while a very powerful suction pump vacuums the fat out of the body. This method is performed on all areas where there is excessive fat build up. The common areas which undergo liposuction include the abdomen, arms, buttocks, anterior, inner, and outer thighs, as well as the face and neck.

There are various kinds of liposuction which is based on the amount of anesthesia which is introduced in the body during the whole procedure. The first type is the Tumescent Liposuction which makes use of very large amount of local anesthesia which is diluted and injection in the areas where the procedure will take place; once it has been injected you will notice that the area become firm and swollen. With this kind, you will not need the aid of anti-pain medications because the effect of local anesthesia can last for several hours. The second type is the Modified Tumescent Liposuction which involves the use of both local and systemic anesthesia; but this type is usually given by an anesthesiologist because of the danger that it poses.

Before undergoing liposuction, you should be aware that you are supposed to undergo a number of medical and physical check-ups because this is a major operation that involves a great amount of preparation. Also take note that the price of the procedure is quite costly, but this does not mean that you should settle for the least expensive ones; the point is you should do your research on the available doctors who perform the procedure in your area and their capability of providing you with the best service there is. In addition, there are many people see this as a procedure that is unnecessary, but you might change your point of view when you dig deeper and understand that the surgery is about helping people go back to their normal condition wherein the risks of acquiring unwanted health conditions are decreased from one to none.

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Everything About Liposuction

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Everything About Liposuction

This article was published on 2011/05/03