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The divorce rates of the United States seem to increase from a steady 50% to a bit more in the future. This implies that there could be a lot of changes that would affect your decision in the future for your life. One big factor that could affect you is the change of partner. At present, you might be deciding with your partner not to have a child and opt for a permanent form of contraception such as the vasectomy. Later, you will find yourself with another partner and opt to have a vasectomy reversal because you both long to build a family.

People have different reasons to decide on a vasectomy reversal but the most common reason is the change of partner. Other reasons like the death of a child, changes in the financial status, or just the simple desire to father a child could alter your decision in the future about contraception. If you had vasectomy in the past, fathering a child is no longer a problem. Medical science has come up with the reversal vasectomy procedure to reverse the changes made with the vasectomy in case you have a change of mind and decide to father a child.

Vasectomy - the context and the concept

Vasectomy is a permanent form of contraception for men conducted as an outpatient procedure in a clinic or hospital. The doctor cuts the ends of the vas deferens tubes to prevent the semen from carrying the sperm to the urogenital opening of the woman. The semen travels from the testes to the prostate glands in preparation for entering the woman's urogenital opening. This surgery is a permanent form of contraception. This means really thinking multiple times about the idea of not having a child before you decide on submitting to this procedure. This procedure is really simple and quick. You can go back to work and perform your normal activities after one week.

Reversal of the Vasectomy

Vasectomy reversal is the opposite process of the vasectomy. Literally, this procedure reverts the process of the vasectomy and makes you capable of fathering a child again. The micro surgeon uses a high-powered microscope to suture back the ends of the severed vas deferens tubes. The goal of this procedure is to create a non-leaking passageway for the semen to carry the sperm from the testes to the urogenital opening of the woman. The vasectomy reversal is an outpatient procedure that you complete within 2 or 3 hours. Since this is a very delicate procedure involving suturing under a high-powered microscope, you need to look for a very skilled and experienced surgeon to perform the procedure correctly. The success rate of your reversal depends on the skill and experience of your surgeon to recreate the passageway of the sperm without leaking.

Success Rate

Several factors contribute to the success rate of your reversal vasectomy besides the skill of the surgeon. The time it took you to decide on the reversal vasectomy greatly influence your success rate especially if it is already more than 10 years. Your age is another factor that affects the health of your sperm even if the reversal vasectomy is successful. Although this reversal procedure does not guarantee a 100% success rate because of the factors involved, this is one great cost effective opportunity to father a child.

Things to remember about age factor

If you are a person whose age is already near 50s or even in your late 40s, you have a lesser success rate of restoring fertility. This is the main reason that you need to make the decision for the reversal as early as possible.

How critical is time?

Time is a very critical factor when you decide to reverse the process of vasectomy because it determines the scar tissue accumulation in your vas deferens tubes. A man deciding to undergo a reversal vasectomy after 10 or maybe more years may develop scar tissues because of the accumulated semen in the clamped vas deferens tubes. The doctor may find difficulty clearing the blockage and may cause a problem during the reversal procedure. Time also is critical for your body to develop anti sperm antibodies. When you develop the anti sperm antibodies, it would be difficult for your sperm to survive and reach the urogenital opening of the woman for fertilization.
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Dial Baby 911 For Vasectomy Reversal

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