Cosmetic Surgery abroad- the advantages of combining multiple procedures

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Cosmetic surgeries for a makeover are no longer an option considered only by rich & famous. The statistics show that an increasing number of middle and upper middle class people are undergoing knife because of the demands of work place or peer pressure. With an easy option of travelling abroad to countries like India where one can get cosmetic surgery at affordable prices, it is being availed by a large number of people in Western countries who have been waiting for a long time to get their makeover done by cosmetic surgery.

The latest trend that has emerged is that of combining several cosmetic procedures in one trip. Combining several procedures together has a number of advantages for the medical tourist. The biggest advantage is that you save a lot of money spent on air-tickets if you make multiple visits for different procedures. Combining procedures together also saves Operation theatre, consumables, room rent, surgeon’s fee & other such charges which make these procedures much cheaper than the prices of the individual procedures. Besides, it is safer to have anaesthesia only once rather having it many times. Only one recovery time, one holiday and you get completely transformed during your single svisit to India.

The biggest example of the combined procedures is the concept of Mummy makeover. Pregnancy & child birth leave their mark on every woman’s body & it is really hard to get rid of the extra flab after the delivery. The mummy makeover package helps a woman get rid of all this unwanted fat & get back their pre-pregnancy looks.

The various cosmetic procedures that are generally combined together are tummy tuck with breast surgeries- breast reduction or lift with breast augmentation, face & neck lift combined with liposuction of abdomen/ tummy, thighs buttocks. Whereas the cost of tummy tuck alone is around $4000, the total cost of tummy tuck plus liposuction abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and breast lift come to about $ 8000. Whereas getting theses many procedures in USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand would cost more than $25,000. This means huge cost savings to the patient, plus she gets complete makeover in one trip to India. For the comfort and ease of the patient, the surgery is sometimes done in two sessions spaced 4-5 days apart. A stay of two weeks in India is more than enough for complete makeover, recovery and flying back.

Men generally prefer to combine gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery with tummy tuck or lipo abdomen, or undergo multiple facial surgeries like face lift, upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, brow lift, neck liposuction etc., Though there can be innumerable combinations & one can choose them as per their choice & preference. For facial surgery, it is always better to combine the procedures advised by the surgeon in one sitting. The results look best and facial features much harmonious if done in one sitting.

It is also very common to combine cosmetic surgery with hair transplant, dental and laser eye treatment. These procedures can be easily combined and provide great value to the medical tourist.

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Cosmetic Surgery abroad- the advantages of combining multiple procedures

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This article was published on 2011/05/25